".The bottom line is that it pays to cheat. Big time." Ray Bourhis


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Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

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Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

Ray Bourhis - About the Author

Ray Bourhis practices law in San Francisco, specializing in insurance bad faith litigation.

A graduate of Boalt Hall at the University of California, Berkeley, Bourhis has been a court-appointed Special Master overseeing reforms in the California Department of Insurance since 1990. He was appointed by U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer to her Federal Judicial Selection Advisory Committee. He was profiled by Ed Bradley in a 60 Minutes report concerning fraudulent insurance practices. Born and raised in Elmhurst, Queens, Bourhis credits an attempt by gang members to throw him into a blazing bonfire at the age of twelve with helping him develop the survival skills needed to deal with insurance companies. He lives in Kentfield, California.


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