"This isn't a little deal anymore. Corporate hotshots aren't stealing thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars; its million and hundreds of millions. And they're not stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. They're stealing from the poor and stuffing it in their tailored pockets."

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Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

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Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform
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Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

Ray Bourhis has taken the compelling personal stories of four people who were wrongly denied disability benefits and woven them into an account showing how insurance corporations' fraudulent behavior has run unchecked and ruined the lives of ordinary, honest Americans. The book shows how we may think we are protected but are, in fact, at the mercy of companies who only care about their bottom line.

Despite federal regulation of everything from our waterways to banking to the use of offensive vocabulary on the radio, the government is actually prevented by law from enacting any insurance consumer protections. This book will strike a chord for all who care about how the checks and balances we count on can, and do, fail us at times when we need them the most.'
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey


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Bourhis, a national champion of policyholder rights, walks readers through both Joan Hangarter’s heart-wrenching case and the stories of Susan McGregor, Stuart Gluck, John Tedesco, Laurie Hindiyeh, Eugene Molfino, Julie Guyton, Michael Baldwin, Margaret Santana, and numerous other claimants — real people with heart disease, AIDS, spinal injuries, brain damage, Parkinson’s disease, and other disabilities whose benefits were cut off just when they needed them most. Bourhis shows how the world’s largest disability carrier, UnumProvident, has relied on a host of shady practices — from surveillance to one-sided medical evaluations to policy re-interpretations — to target and terminate benefit payments.
Through these cautionary tales, he shines a spotlight on widespread bad faith doubledealing by insurance providers and details the key regulatory failures that enable these practices to continue unchecked.

"Painstakingly documented, hilarious, and insightful. A seething indictment of the out-of-control insurance industry and its friends in Congress and on the U.S. Supreme Court who have given it a green light to defraud Americans." Amy Bach Executive Director, United Policyholders.






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