"It is truly strange that the same Federal Government that overseas communications, banking, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, energy, securities…and practically everything else (from the use of dirty words on the radio to the permissible size of mud flaps on tractor-trailers) has not enacted a single antifraud law regulating insurance. This is wrong. It is giving insurance companies a license to steal." Ray Bourhis

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Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

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Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform

"…The bottom line is that it pays to cheat. Big time."
Ray Bourhis,
Insult to Injury


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Ray Bourhis Interview- Insult to Injury
What you don’t know about the insurance industry can hurt you, says an expert litigator who has exposed countless instances of fraud and other nefarious activities.
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Think Bad Faith Conduct is Restricted Only to the U.S. and Canada? Think Again! Laura Torrance-Nesbitt, who has MS, bought her insurance in London. Her benefits were terminated in Los Angeles...Click Here to Learn MORE!

Insurance Watchdog Petitions California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi to Bar 'Outlaw' Insurer From California
Asks Commissioner to make good on his promise to boot UnumProvident out of California, put an end to mishandling of disabled consumer claims.
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Beyond the Courthouse
According to the Daily Journal, California's Legal Newspaper:
'No courthouse is big enough to hold San Francisco lawyer Ray Bourhis' crusade against the insurance industry'
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SF Attorney Says "Heads Should Roll At Highest Levels"
Ray Bourhis, the San Francisco attorney who won a major judgment and injunction against a Chattanooga-based firm "should stop blaming lawyers" and that some of its top executives need to be fired.
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