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Insult to Injury - Disability Insurance Reform



Interviews / Broadcast

CBS5 InterviewKGO - San Francisco
Michael Finney interviews Ray Bourhis
ERISA Preemption


CBS5 InterviewKPIX - CBS5 San Francisco

Ray Bourhis Interview- Insult to Injury
What you don’t know about the insurance industry can hurt you, says an expert litigator who has exposed countless instances of fraud and other nefarious activities. Read Story...

Ring of Fire - Air America
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Mike Papantonio
Guest Ray B

Money Matters (.MP3)
Dan King
Guest Ray Bourhis

WGN Chicago(.MP3)
Steve Cochran
Guest Ray Bourhis

Jim Bohannon Show (.MP3)
Westwood 1 with Dom Giordano
Guest Ray Bourhis
(4 segments)

Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5

In Review (.MP3)
Mark DeWitt

KFI Radio 640 AM (.wma)
Handel on the Law

Ray Bourhis Address, Toronto, Canada (MP3)

Business Shrink (MP3)
Peter Morris
Guest Ray Bourhis

Prospering in America (MP3)
Alex Blair
Guest Ray Bourhis

Jay Thomas (MP3)
Guest Ray Bourhis


Other interviews highlighting ERISA Reform:

  • 60 Minutes
  • Dateline
  • NBC News
  • Syndicated shows throughout the country and local stations in Los Angeles, Wisconsin, Louisianna, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Delaware, Kentucky, Arizona, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio.

Producer/Host: Jeff Schechtman

American AM Radio
Host: Henry Raines

Air America - Live
Producer/Host: Nancy Stapp

WKRC - 550 AM
Producer/Host:Joe Strecker

WREL 1450 AM
Producer/Host: Jim Bresnahan

Wisconsin Public Radio
Host: Joy Cardin

Radio Liberty
Host: Dr. Stanley Monteith

"Adler on Line"
Host: Charles Adler

Cover to Cover
Producer/Host: Mark Dewitt

"For the People"
Talk Star Radio Network - Live
Host: Chuck Harder

Two O'Clock Show
Producer/Host: Ken Johannessen

Mid-Day Show
Host: Rich Walburg

Talk of the Town

Here's to Your Health
Deborah Ray Show

In Review
Mark Dewitt

Air Talk
Jim Dungan

House Matters
Carey Brothers

Jim Bohannon Show
Dom Giordano

Prospering in America
Tom Hopkins, Alex Blair

Business Shrink
Peter Morris

Tulsa Business Today
Producer/Host: Jeff Brucculeri

Valley Focus
Producer/Host: Jan Jacobson

Conscious Talk Radio
Rob Spears: Brenda Michaels



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